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ZertiNFT white label platform has been primarily developed for artists who want to mint their own NFTs. We have had many people asking us about it lately and it turns out that the most important part of the process should be its simplicity. So, here it is. It is fairly straightforward web based application that would allow users to create their smartcontracts, connect their physical objects to NFC tags, mint NFTs, upload them to Opensea and, and/or transfer them to other wallets.

Initially, there are three white label packages available: Basic, Advanced and Premium. For more options - do not hesitate to contact us.


1. It simplifies certification of NFC tags and creation of NFTs on the blockchain
2. It provides connection NFC-NFT with Opensea
3. It improves the marketing experience with UniqueID platform


1. Artists who want to certify authenticity of their physical art pieces on blockchain
2. Artists who want to sell digital twins of their physical objects
3. Anyone who wants to sell their physical products through Opensea
4. Anyone who wants to do NFT airdrops


1. Choose your favorite blockchain
2. Create your own NFT-NFC smartcontract
3. Mint your own TokenID related to NFCID
4. Generate meta-data and HTML files
5. Upload images, meta-data and HTML to your website server
6. Import the smartcontract to Opensea (Ethereum or Polygon)
7. Optionally transfer NFT tokens to other wallets


1. NFC tags, like paper label, tamper-less labels, waterproof tags, or NFC cards
2. Desktop computer with Windows or Mac OS
3. Web server to save meta-data, images, HTML
4. An Opensea account
5. Metamask
6. A little gas: ETH :-), Matic



Creation up to 10 smartcontracts
HTML template with Zertifier logo
Email support
(NFC tags not included)

Creation up to 100 smartcontracts
HTML template with Zertifier logo
Email, video and remote support
(NFC tags not included)

Unlimited smartcontracts
Personalized HTML template
Full technical support
(NFC tags not included)

Consult for advisor services fees.
Consult for initial setup fees.
There is an optional UniqueID platform available for all modules.
Please call for details.


+34 972 40 04 29

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