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The e-Miles Company was born from the need to find new forms
and concepts of more sustainable and environmentally responsible mobility.


The-Miles is a new urban electrical vehicle, made for the city, that incorporates many different innovations. It is expandable by 37 cm to accommodate four people comfortably. It´s 2,5 meters length allows you to park perpendicular and its folding front door allows direct access with a wheelchair. It is driven with a joystick located between the two front seats, which allows the car to be used by everyone in every country without making any modifications. And many other innovations that make e-Miles really a revolutionary concept in urban mobility.

Being an innovative project, the e-Miles Company wanted to protect their internal documents and their Intellectual Property.
For this reason, they have decided to register their documents in blockchain, using our ZertiDocs platform. In this way, the documents will become invariable and immutable and will allow The e-Miles Company to prove their property in a specific moment using the blockchain identity and timestamp.


The e-Miles Company is a great case of an state-of-the-art innovative company, using blockchain to protect their IP.
Thank you The e-Miles Company using our ZertiDocs platform and for letting us be part from the beginning of such an exciting adventure!


+34 972 40 04 29

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